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There´s a story behind everything. Find out what we have to say about our way of handling things, of not giving a f**k and of being veterans, not taking ourselves too seriously!



Operator (noun) - a person who solves a challenge in a way most people don´t understand with a skill level most people will never reach!

See also:

magician, high-performer, hero



We have been commited to the philosophy behind this saying for a long time.

When the Vikings landed in foreign regions, the first thing they did, was to burn their boats. In this way they signaled their enemies, that there was no turning back.

Would you burn your boat to let all know what you are made of?

Burn your boat and earn respect!



The „Coffee roasting company“ in Calw (30km SW of Stuttgart & proud hometown of the German special operations forces) provided us with incredible coffee & espresso during our active service time on excercises, deployments, fishing trips as well as on holidays.

This is why we are glad to share our favourite roasts with operators all over the world.

Our focus is to support those who have been there for us all these years.


Thank you Kellner family from the coffee roasting company Calw!

Ledermanufaktur Abramowski.jpg


The „leather manufactory Abramowski“ is a small, owner-operated manufacture which stands for craftsmanship in Calw for more than 30 years.

We are convinced of the quality as well as the service we have been using for several years.


From small optimizations of our military equipment to custom-made products for special needs. Mr. Abramowski is our number 1 when it comes to custom-made items from the

Black Forest region.



Beside to coffee, the original drink of every operator is whisky. At least in our opinion!

We have therefore decided to refine a special on a higher level.

The Glenfarclas 105 Highland Single Malt Whisky, Speyside - Scotland.

105 proof was the old measure for indicating the alcohol content. The whisky was once mixed with gunpowder. The alcohol content could be calculated from the explosion strength of the mixture.

The afterwards named Glenfarclas 105 matured exclusively in sherry barrels and was bottled with a strong 60% vol.

Press the button to learn more about our whisky!

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